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Cafeteria Info/Menus

Welcome to D300 Food Service (proudly managed by ARAMARK) Questions? Contact 847.551.8485

11:15-11:45 - 8th Grade Lunch
12:02-12:32 - 7th Grade Lunch
12:49-1:19 - 6th Grade Lunch

BREAKFAST PROGRAM:  The cost of breakfast is $1.50.

DMS students can purchase a basic breakfast in the cafeteria beginning at 8:15 AM. Students who get dropped off may enter the main entrance door beginning at 8:15, not before, to purchase breakfast.

Only students that are eating are allowed to enter school before the 8:35 bell. Students who are bused will have to quickly get off the bus and go straight to the cafeteria if they want to buy breakfast. Enter through the middle seventh grade doors, and go left towards the sixth grade side.

Again, if students are not getting breakfast they need to wait for the 8:35 bell to enter school and there are no locker stops as hallways need to remain clear.  Although students are permitted to leave the cafeteria and go to lockers when the 8:35 bell rings, breakfast ends at 8:42 at which point they have 3 minutes to go to their locker and get to class on time. No food or drink is allowed to leave the cafeteria. If a student's bus is late and there is no time on a given day then you won't be able to get breakfast.

LUNCH PROGRAM: The cost of a lunch tray is $2.75.

DMS students may order one of the many daily entree choices from the monthly menu. The menu offers hot and cold food choices for variety and at least 3 side dishes and includes cold, refreshing milk. Students can also take advantage of our expanded a la carte food court offerings. Prices vary based on selections.


Mealpay Plus (MyPaymentsPlus) allows parents to go online to or call 866.537.1672 to manage your student's meal account. Mealpay Plus allows you to make deposits, view account balances at no cost, and even create settings to auto-replenish your account or receive free reminder emails when the balance is low. To register for Mealpay Plus, please go to:

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